Styx: Master of Shadows – Free to play on Playstation Plus for July!

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 5.07.13 PM

I am definitely behind the times in the gaming world. I see that PS4 has four, FOUR free games this month if you have a Playstation Plus account. And I do not. The other thing I don’t have??? A PLAYSTATION 4!!! Yup, you heard me right. December 2014 I bought a PS3 because it was more in my price range (and I didn’t have $520 to shell out for a PS4 – In Quebec there’s 15% taxes on everything non-food, so it’s like $67 taxes. So gross). But I got this big paycheck for stuff I was selling last year and it’s enough to buy a new PS4, but I’m going to wait until the 1 terabyte playstations come out.

Well this makes me both sad and excited this game. It’s this fantasy-based third person stealth game. Totally along the lines of awesome games like Alien: Isolation and The Last of Us. This makes me want to run out and buy a PS4 just so I can play this game. 🙂 But then I’d have to spend $10 to sign up for a PS plus account too, so not technically free…..

Sigh… well it’s on my list of PS4 games I want to play.

Have you played this game yet? If so, did you love it? 🙂


Bitchin’ Gamer Girl


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