The Last of Us – New Game Plus & glitch to unlock all difficulties

If you’ve played The Last of Us already, and you’re in love with this game as much as I am, you’ll love New Game Plus (NG+)!

Essentially NG+ is only accessible after played and beaten the game. The next time you load in, you can choose to start a new game, and you’ll get the option for New Game Plus. It’ll be available in the same difficulty as your first game. As you know, there’s a trophy for completing the game on NG+ as well, and for every difficulty. That’s a lot of trophies, and a lot of playthroughs.

You’re probably wondering what’s the point of NG+? Well, for starters, youyou don’t start the game with all your guns and gear, but you do get to keep all the different levels of Tools you might have found. The weapons are still found in the same places through gameplay, but they’ll remain upgraded from the previous game, so time time around you can NG+ to unlock the For Emergencies Only trophy.
Then there are skills upgrades. Seeing as how there aren’t enough Supplements in the game to fully level up Joel, you start where you left off as far as leveling up your skills. This is imperative to earning the Everything We’ve Been Through trophy.

Finally, enemies. One website says there’s no change to enemies, but I did find one change in my playthrough. When Joel reaches the Bus Depot, he’ll encounter Clickers, Runners, and two Bloaters. I got to this area and Ellie said her line “There’s so many of them!” I got into the side room, collected my supplies, killed the 3 Runners standing still, and Joel spouted the line “I think we got all of them. Endure and survive.” To my surprise, I didn’t have to kill anything, and we could grab the bomb upgrade manual on top of the truck, and then head on out. This was the only change in NG+ that I’ve encountered so far. I’m surprised there were no infected here, seeing as they were in every other section. This might be a bug, but I’m not complaining.

Well that’s it! I hope you give New Game Plus a chance on The Last Of Us. It’s good for all you trophy collectors out there.

UPDATE! I found a link online that gives you the opportunity to unlock ALL the trophies for every difficulty. This is better than playing the game on every difficulty. Since I didn’t purchase the Grounded difficulty, it’ll probably unlock all the other trophies. I’ll have to buy Grounded later on.

Here’s a video explaining the steps if you didn’t click the link above:

Cheers! Happy gaming.

Bitchin’ Gamer Girl


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