The Last of Us – Grounded Mode – Take Two

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As you may or may not know, I’ve been playing this game on grounded mode. It’s pretty frickin hard when there’s tons of infected around. They don’t take cover, they just charge you, and that can mean instant death if you’re not ready with a brick or a gun.

The first time I played on grounded mode, I had to cheat a few times and lower the difficulty. I brought it down to hard, and of course the game autosaves at that point which means your entire game is now registering as complete on that level, even if you brought it back to grounded. Even if you changed it for a few minutes and then put the difficulty back, you won’t unlock Grounded Mode New Game Plus. Learned that the hard way. So, I did what any hardcore gamer would, I restarted the game on grounded. AGAIN.

The second time through it was a little easier. I learned how sensitive the hearing for the clickers was, that you can’t sneak up on a runner that’s stalking around, and the chapter, The Hunt, is the biggest pain in my backside. So far I’ve spent approximately 12 hours trying to work on this checkpoint where Ellie is stuck in a cabin with this guy and fending off infected. All this on grounded mode, the HARDEST mode ever. I played today for about 8 hours, and I give up for the evening. I wonder how many more hours or days this will take??

For those who are curious, here’s a video of what I’m trying to accomplish (keep in mind this guy makes it look easy – which it isn’t – especially when you run out of ammo).

I’m currently still inside the cabin. I have made it all the way to the last two infected before David says “Screw it, let’s get out of here,” but I bit the dust when I got attacked by an infected because I was out of shotgun ammo, and too slow on the bow. Send some good vibes my way. I could really use some help to get out of this checkpoint.

Have you ever played TLoU on Grounded Mode? If so, tell me about your experience in the comments below 🙂


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15 thoughts on “The Last of Us – Grounded Mode – Take Two

    • I found a cheat. I use this in “The Hunt” checkpoint. There’s a locker. On grounded mode there’s nothing in there, but if I pause the game as soon as the checkpoint loads, change the difficulty to hard, go back to the main pause window (do not resume the game) and then return to the difficulty window, you should get a ‘loading’ pop up. This means it loaded in a health pack in the locker. Back out, and resume the game, and voilà. Free health pack in the locker. On grounded mode. Now if only I can get an ammo cheat 🙂


  1. Haha well I don’t blame you for giving up. This one part is such a bitch. When I get through the first wave, if I’m lucky I have 7-9 bullets. But sometimes I get to the second wave (after pushing the green thing) and I have 1-4 bullets. I always die. I refuse to lower the difficulty. I really want the Grounded trophy!!! 🙂


  2. How did you get on with it in the end? I’m in the same boat and I’m experiencing hitherto unknown emotions. I’ve only been at it a couple of hours but I’m about ready to delete the game, ask Sony to delete it from my account and then go on a Hunt of my own involving whichever Naughty Dog dev came up with this little gem.

    David likes to walk in front of my arrows. He also has a habit of casually strolling around with his gun pointed at the ceiling while infected smash through the windows. And of course the time that I was almost there, the controls locked up entirely for about five seconds so I had to sit and watch as a Clicker approached and then chewed my face off. I need to remind myself that games are for fun, not virtual trophies. This ain’t fun.


    • Hi Simon, I have to say that I never did beat this part on Grounded. I spent 2 full days trying to beat it and then finally gave up and lowered the difficulty. I have the game on PS4 as well as PS3 so maybe one day I’ll give Grounded mode another chance. However, I never experienced the issues you did. My biggest problem was that I never had enough ammo, and David never gave me more. When he finally DID give me more, I was already being chewed up by an infected. SO annoying.


      • Yeah, I had that problem. Sometimes I thought that pulling the trigger on the empty rifle would prompt him to pass me ammo, but I soon learnt that a) that wasn’t true and b) after three pulls Ellie switches to her (equally empty) handgun, which takes FOREVER. His ammo drops seem to be at a completely random point after you run out so I can only recommend trying to time that point as best you can.

        I finally managed to get to the next bit with the bloater a few hours ago (note: if you let a Clicker in at the top of the stairs and die, you’re back to the start. I think it checkpoints after that. I actually laughed when that inevitably happened to me because I was that far gone). I started off with 4 rifle ammo each time; I can summarise what I worked out though.

        Reload immediately as your rifle isn’t full. Then prioritise the bow; note that you can take any enemy except a Clicker down with a single shot to any body part (but it won’t register if they’re in the actual hopping-the-window or breaking-a-board animation, which is super-annoying, as they can go into the animations FAST).

        Get a tactic down for waves 1 and 2 as they’re pretty regular and don’t let them in in the hope that they’ll drop ammo; the payoff isn’t worth the risk. The first three you shuld take *at point-blank range* right through the gaps; because although that leaves any unbroken arrows outside the cabin, you need to immediately spin around to check the other side and this puts the camera in a position where you can pick them up, so hammer triangle as you do so.

        Now there are three regulars, followed by the cabinet, followed by two more and a Clicker. If there are two in at once, take one down with the bow. Then run to keep David in a line between you and the enemy, and as soon as he’s grappling (whether in trouble or not) run up and knife it with triangle. You can save decent ammo this way, especially on Clickers; and you’re immune during the animation (though at risk straight after).

        I only switched to the rifle when they started being sassy with each other about who led the infected there; you can take those guys out from a distance with all your ammo and then you have to switch to the bow and play it by ear according to the ammo situation. You can one-hit kill with the knife when David’s in trouble, when he’s grappling and when he’s pushed an enemy away; so spam the hell out of it. And try an arrow at the top of the stairs, but don’t be a hero and lose your victory. Keep a rifle bullet spare.

        I’m not normally one for hard difficulties or forming tactics but I was kinda forced to on this after playing it so many times. You still need a tremendous amount of luck, but if nothing else it’ll make you semi-decent with the bow as I wasn’t much with one either before!

        I anticipate a followup on the bloater section one day 🙂


      • Hahah! I tried it all. I was pretty close to memorizing the patterns and I got so close to getting out of that cabin but died. I even think I managed to figure out how and when David drops his ammo, but it’s just so hard!!!! And I played this game 7 times on various difficulties. Even survivor mode is so easy now. Maybe some day I’ll manage to finish the whole game on Grounded mode and then Grounded mode Plus for the trophy…. and just to say that for once in my life I finally played (and finished) a game on the hardest difficulty. Usually I opt for easy or normal for more immersion and fun, and less grinding. I hate grinding in video games. I get bored.


      • Yeah, me too. It’s amazing what the trophy system has done to people. I never used to be like this! And I’m admittedly using the chapter select trick with this, because I have other games to play and other things to do. Don’t think I could hack it if I had to do it the honest way. Mad props to you for going through on regular Grounded. I’m not too bothered about the grinding here though because I actually found the first playthrough to be a bit of a grind…I loved the Uncharteds (I suspect partly due to Amy Hennig’s involvement; I haven’t got 4) but Joel’s such a bloody miseryguts. I know he had a rough time, but so did Ellie and she’s much more fun. It’d have been nice if you mainly played as her as soon as she started shooting things…


  3. I haven’t been playing The Last of Us this many times for the trophies, but because I absolutely LOOOOVE this game. I’m also a video game tester, and I’ve tested a few different types of games, and this one by far takes the cake. The controls of the characters (to me, anyway) feel so real. It was the first game I played when I got my PS3 a year ago, and ever since then I haven’t been able to find many games that match the awesomeness of this one. Some have come pretty close though… Journey, Beyond Two Souls. I liked the Uncharted series but can’t say I’m thrilled about it. #1 was total garbage, #2 was way better, #3 was good, but I bet #4 will be really good.

    I really hope Naughty Dog makes another The Last Of Us game……. it’s just so good.


    • Ah. Actually only stumbled across your blog today when I was Googling to find out if every player in the world was stuck in the same damn cabin, so I’m still poking around! Guess I hadn’t really thought about it but the controls are quite fluid, aren’t they? Outside of the odd time I’ve misjudged where I was about to put a ladder 🙂

      I haven’t got Beyond but noticed it’s in a bundle with a PS4 Heavy Rain now (which TLoU reminds me of a bit…probably the not-so-cheery tone), so I’ll keep an eye on that when I’ve run out of stuff to play. Journey I think I got on PSN but haven’t gotten round to, despite loving Flower. I wasn’t expecting to like the Uncharted games at all, I came to them pretty late, so they took me by surprise and I had no idea that Amy Hennig was involved till I finished the first one (although I hated Jak and Daxter when I eventually played them, Legacy of Kain is probably my favourite game series of all time).

      I’d check another TLoU out though. I don’t think Joel and Ellie left enough people alive for a sequel, unless it’s about painting fences and mowing lawns in Jackson; but a parallel plot might work well.


  4. Flower…. Barf. haha I hated that game. If you loved Flower you’ll FALL in love with Journey. It’s so gorgeous.

    Here’s a tidbit on TLOU 2 There’s an Easter Egg in Uncharted 4 for the upcoming last of us game… Oooooooh

    As for other games I can recommend: The Walking Dead – TellTale series, Enslaved Odyssey to the West, Alien Isolation, Tomb Raider (was good, not fantastic), Remember Me (it’s similar in gameplay style as Enslaved) and I liked the story.


    • The AV Club had an article about hated levels in loved games a few days ago and the last level of Flower made the list. I hated it because the no-damage trophy didn’t pop!

      Yeah, I’ve played through TWD; I like what TellTale do. And I have played Remember Me though I had to go and look up the plot because I have a terrible memory. Toyed with the idea of Tomb Raider recently as I think I have that; but I’ve got Until Dawn and Infamous Second Son lined up after TLoU. Started wondering which one to play today when I was getting ragey!


  5. I don’t want to be a wet rag, but I can’t find anything really overly positive to say about Until Dawn. You can search through my posts and read my review….. lame-ass jump scares is all they rely on to make it “scary” and even then it’s not. They intended that game to be played multiple times. Ugh. I have to play it again to get the whole story. Until then, it’s on the back burner.


    • I’d heard it was something a bit different, and I’ll generally perk my ears up if Yahtzee doesn’t have many *negative* things to say about a game. I’m not expecting much from Infamous either, just some mindless action and nice demo-the-PS4 effects.

      I’m aware of the repeated playthrough element…there’s a good reason I don’t have the Platinum on Heavy Rain, despite its ease of acquisition!


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