Watch Dogs

Have you ever wanted to be a hacker and steal money from unsuspecting people, but you’re just too technologically inept to figure out how? Or maybe you have morals, and you don’t want to go to prison ?? Well these are all valid reasons why Watch Dogs might be the perfect game for you.

What really attracted me to this game was the ability to hack everything, from buildings to people’s bank accounts. When loading the game, the first option you’ll see is to sign up an email. For the first few days I didn’t think anything of it, so I just ignored it. Also, I couldn’t get my email working. When I finally did, it was worth it. It connects you to the online hacking leaderboard. Whenever you successfully hack another player you gain merit points, and then you can see how your hacking skills stack up to other players. Personally this is a cool option. If you decide you want to remove your email, you not only lose your leaderboard ranking, you also lose all the points you accumulated and will have you start from zero again. This isn’t a good idea, especially if you’ve invested several hours in the game.

Besides getting to hack things, there were many other things a person could do with their character, Aiden Pearce. They could go shopping for new clothes, buy guns, sell stuff they “found” at pawn shops, and buy explosive compounds and electronic parts. You can also withdraw thousands of dollars at every ATM you encounter. By the end of the game I had accumulated over $200,000 and most of it went unspent, even when I bought 5 outfits and always maxed out all my supplies for missions. There was also mini games, side missions like finding clues which led to dead bodies, and the list goes on. The list of extra things Aiden could do in Watch Dogs was extensive. I mean sure, it’s fine and dandy to hack a phone, and steal some cash, but running around the city on a bike or in a car (or even fast travelling in the train) gets old fast. I spent nearly a week doing more open world stuff and less on the main game. After 5-7 days I said that’s enough and focused more or less on the main game. If I was in the neighborhood I’d check in to a hotspot, take out some cash, maybe even get some supplies at the pawn shop, but by the time I had finished Act V, the credits were rolling, and I guess the game was over. After watching 3 sets of credits, I was booted back into the game to “finish” what was left, and what was left was a map that was still 50% full of side missions. I putzed around for a while, joined an online race but after 30 mins or so I didn’t see the point now that the main story was complete. Why did Ubisoft think that making a game with so much stuff would be such a good idea? Personally, I’d rather play a shorter game with a fantastic story than a game with a shitload of stuff to pick up and so on just to reach 100%. Maybe if they had less side mission stuff, and a longer main game I’d like it more.

Things I liked about this game:

  • You can upgrade Aiden’s skills
  • I liked Bad Boy 17 and how it was a woman. She was very likeable. It’s too bad about the end, though.
  • You can hack other players, or do “revenge hacking” which is to hack a player who hacked you first.
  • The main story. I liked that, even though I was slightly confused the whole time.

Things I disliked about this game:

  • The side missions didn’t seem to have anything to do with the main story, but more with Aiden helping the community stay safe. Half the time I didn’t care about most of the missions. Some where just too hard.
  • Completing all side missions unlocked most of Aiden’s skills at the end of the “skill tree.”
  • Most of the cars had shitty handling and took corners like they were made of ice, which made car chases really difficult. I learned quickly that the smaller cars with the white racing stripe were stickiest on turns.
  •  I found it extremely difficult to care for the character, Aiden Pearce, because he felt so wooden.
  • This game doesn’t have much for replayability. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be exchanging it at EB Games for a different game.

All in all I did enjoy myself in this game. Am I going to play this game again? Probably not. I’m glad I didn’t know about this game when it was announced at E3. I heard from friends Ubisoft hyped up their game trailer, and then the game didn’t live up to most gamers’ expectations. What I did hear is that Ubisoft is planning on making “radical” changes. I guess we’ll see.

My rating? I say 3.5 out of 5 stars.


Bitchin’ Gamer Girl


It’s Canada Day, and a new game, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

Hey! So as you might have figured out I am Canadian! GO Canada!! And it’s raining like it’s a bloody rainforest. I’m really glad I have nowhere to go today. 

So what am I doing today? Well I thought it’d be really fun to give a new game (new to me, anyway) a try. It’s called Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. It’s developed by Ninja Theory, and it was released in 2010.

I’ll be reviewing this game once I’m finished, in the meantime, here’s a sweet pic of the game!

If you’re living in Canada, how are you spending the day? Are you playing any video games? If so, which one? If you’re elsewhere, have a great work day! 🙂


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