Layers of Fear (or layers of madness???)

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I grabbed Layers of Fear a few weeks past when Playstation had their Halloween sales. I got the main game and DLC (Inheritance) for $13.50, which wasn’t bad considering how many times you have to play the game to get all the “layers” the developers have added.

This is not a very long game, but it’s not meant to be sped through. If you do so you’ll get the neutral ending (or the loop ending) that everyone talks about. It does not give you (the player) nor the man you’re playing as any sort of closure. If you’re the kind of person who has to collect all collectibles, then you will end up with this ending. But don’t despair. This game is meant to be played 3 times for each ending. Nothing’s really explained or laid out for you. The developers at Bloober games expect you to figure it out yourself, but here’s my suggestion:

Playthrough #1: Pick up all momentos, rat drawings and objects lying around to trigger memories. This will give you the neutral loop ending which is okay.

Playthrough #2: This second time you can choose to “Finish It” which will return you to the beginning of chapter 1 where you are in the art studio room. From this point on you choose to go the path of the painter. Essentially you’re being selfish and you only interact with items related to you or your art (Example: Dog collar, dog muzzle, cane, glasses, broken clock, crank (hidden in a closet), rats, broken brushes, broken palette). Under no circumstances interact with any alcohol, or items belonging to the wife as that will trigger the neutral ending. Also, make sure to always follow the rats. If given options of two doorways, always follow the art. If there is black goo by a doorway, avoid it at all costs. Avoid any instances of your child as well (do not pick up any toys or follow the crying voices). And under no circumstances peak in any doors where the dead wife may be hiding and avoid her in the halls. Turn around and walk away if you can.

Playthrough #3: For your final playthrough you do the opposite of your last one. In this final run you are going to constantly head toward your dead wife. Instead of taking the doors with paintings, you will take the door options that have black oozing stuff. If the wall says to Not turn back, turn back. Always embrace your wife. Also, you’ll be aiming to pick up all of her items (hair brush, broken phone, perfume, necklace, checkers, give the potato to the cat (near the checkers) and interact with doors that suddenly open or give you any clues that your dead wife is there. Do not crank the paintings out of the pit, but do jump down. If you fall in a hole and you hear something scary, turn around and search in the dark.

As for the DLC, Inheritance, I recommend it. I recommend you buy the whole game/DLC package because it explains stuff the game does not. Unfortunately the DLC also has 3 game endings.

I won’t spoil them for you, but you will see for yourself when you examine your trophies. I had the most difficulty unlocking the final trophy  This could be important, and therefore recommend the following links to help you find all the collectibles. Unlike the main game, you must find ALL the notes, drawings, and memories in ONE playthrough in order to unlock this trophy. They do not save and carry over to other walkthroughs like the main game.

Steam Walkthrough for all collectibles  /  YouTube Video detailing each collectible (but not explaining how to get it)

Check out the trailer:

And the trailer for the DLC:

Things I like about this game:

  • Creates some layers of madness trying to figure out all the clues to all the secret endings.
  • 3 mysteries to solve.
  • The ouija board room in the basement in the prologue.
  • Short which means you can breeze through the game in 1-3 hours to get the extra endings without picking up all the collectibles.
  • Playing this game in the dark at night.

Things I don’t like :

  • Sometimes walking into items makes the character spin in a circle and to stop this requires walking him into something. It’s for sure a bug.
  • Jump scares aren’t that scary, but they do give me chills.

All in all I would say for an indie game, it’s a recommend! I recommend this horror game for all my fans who are enthusiastic about horror. Just don’t expect it to scare you too much, but it does have great atmosphere.

My rating? 7/10

Should you play this? I say yes, if you like horror!


Bitchin’ Gamer Girl


Rebel Galaxy – A free PS4 PS Plus game for August.

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Have you tried Rebel Galaxy yet??  I recently got it as a Playstation Plus free game for the month of August, and thought I’d give it a try. I’ve only been playing for a few minutes, but already I’m liking it.

I’ve always been a Firefly fan, and when starting this game, the soundtrack starts and guess what? It sounds just like the kind of music you’d hear during your favourite episode of Firefly! I stopped at the local bar (near where my ship spawned) and got my first mission to get whiskey in exchange for some parts for my ship. While I was docked, I also took the opportunity to rename my ship to “Firefly.” I couldn’t resist. 🙂

While playing Rebel Galaxy, you can choose to be anything you want. I’m not sure what role I’m going to take on, but for now it’s the good guy. Get a good name for me around the galaxy and see where it takes me.

In case you don’t know this, Rebel Galaxy is currently FREE in the PS Plus games. It’s a single player game with loads of possibilities. If you haven’t tried it yet, I recommend. If you want to know more about this game, check out YouTube’s Elemental Storm on his take on the 5 reasons why you should be playing this game:


Let me know what you think if you get around to playing this! 🙂

Dying Light Demo



I thought I’d give Dying Light’s demo a run for its money today. I downloaded it on my PS4 a few weeks ago, and tonight I’m hosting a board game party so I didn’t want to play a game and get sucked into its world, completely forgetting about tonight’s plan. I booted the game and once the tutorial was over I had 1 hour on the clock to play. I decided to do the only side mission available. It was okay. I found my way to a few safe areas, ran around on rooftops, even played with danger by running on the street! Oh look ma, zombies are chasing me! When night finally fell I had maybe 8 minutes left to play so I went out to see how crazy the night zombies really were. At one point I had a bunch chasing me and the game prompts me to push triangle (Δ) to see behind me and the sight was pretty frightening. I definitely died 3 times in 8 minutes. I didn’t know what else to do. I couldn’t take the elevator up to the tower, so I thought “Let’s see how long I can stay alive outside the safe zone.” Not long. One, maybe two minutes. Maybe more if you can sprint and get on roofs faster.

My opinion of Dying Light is that it’s okay. A lot of people relate this game to Mirror’s Edge but with zombies, and I can totally see that. 🙂 Haha I liked Mirror’s Edge but found it challenging with trying to stay alive and not fall to my death. Dying Light is similar but the only thing killing you is either the zombies or the poor choice of jumping too high. That can definitely kill you. A while back I had spent a few hours watching some guy on YouTube’s gameplay and I honestly have to say that it was more fun watching him play than playing it myself. It’s probably because this guy kept freaking out when the zombies were nearby, and it was extremely entertaining.

••••••• Spoiler alert!! Do not read further if you don’t want to have the END of the game ruined for you!



I warned you!!

••• Spoiler beginning…

So a friend of mine owns this game and told me he found the ending to be annoying. I asked him why? What happens? He replies with “It doesn’t.” Hmm, I’m curious now so I’m trying to figure this out. I mention that maybe the game doesn’t end and the expansion pack that’s coming out will finish the story. He tells me that the player beats the bad guy, they get the data for the cure and then they rest on a rooftop with the guy saying “Everything will be okay.” and a final combat is just a bunch of quick time events. Boo. That’s definitely lame in my books.

In any case, I don’t think I’ll be buying this game any time soon. It was okay in my books. When a demo is amazing and makes me want more, then I play the game, but this one kind of made me dizzy. All that first person running around. I also found the controller schemes a bit odd. R1 to jump? Oh well. If I ever see this game on a crazy sale, like $10-15 (in the future of course) I might buy it.

Since there wasn’t much for me to play I can’t really give this an accurate rating, but here is my rating:

3.5 stars out of 5

A definite buy if you love FP views, running, parkour and zombies.


Bitchin’ Gamer Grl




Until Dawn – An honest review (spoilers)

I was really excited when I saw Until Dawn on sale on the PSN website at Christmas time. I had this 20% off coupon also that came with my brand new PS4.  The game’s regular price was $75, but I was able to get it for $39. After two days of downloading, I finally got to play!

Here’s the game synopsis from Supermassive Games:

When eight friends are trapped on a remote mountain retreat and things quickly turn sinister, they start to suspect they aren’t alone. Gripped by fear and with tensions in the group running high, you’ll be forced to make snap decisions that could mean life, or death, for everyone involved. Every choice you make in your terrifying search for answers – even the seemingly trivial ones – will carve out your own unique story.

Until Dawn is meant to be played multiple times in order to see the entire story.  The player can have their playable character do a little exploration which gives the player a teeny tiny leeway to explore. Unfortunately the game is extremely linear, and the exploration might only take 1 minute. During exploration, the player will find clues and totem pole pieces which gives the player sneak peaks to solving the mysteries of Until Dawn. While it’s labeled as interactive drama and survival horror, I would add this is a mystery-solving game. There are three major categories for clues: the twins, 1952, and the mystery man. I won’t say more since I don’t want to add spoilers so soon in my review.

 The game’s mechanics also contain an in-game system called the “Butterfly Effect” in which any choice of action by the player may cause unforeseen consequences later on. Players will make difficult decisions during ethical or moral dilemmas, such as sacrificing one character to save another. The Butterfly Effect system blurs the line between right and wrong decisions and it is possible for players to keep all eight characters alive as well as having all eight of them die, allowing for many different paths and scenarios as well as offering several different endings for each character. I found the Butterfly Effect a neat part to this game.  When an effect took place, I would push R1 and see what changes I made to the story. During gameplay, the player gets the chance to play each character, making decisions along the way. This could be good, or annoying, especially if you like a specific character and then get switched to another less desirable character. Finally, this game reminded me a lot of Beyond: Two Souls, especially in the pause menu with the close-up of the character’s face, and the climbing prompts. But this is the only resemblance it has.  With six players, there are literally hundreds of possible endings.

And now for the honest review. If you haven’t played the game but intend to, please don’t read any further as there will be some spoilers!

(Spoilers ahead)… Ok you’ve been warned…


Until Dawn claims to be of the horror genre (as well as interactive drama). My current beef is with the horror part, and that is that it is not scary. Until Dawn is disappointing as a horror game because it relies solely on jump scares to make it scary. I’ll admit I jumped once or twice in the beginning, but the “scares” became almost predictable. This game likens to a horror film that tries to be scary with jump scares and music changes, but after the second “scare” I was able to know when something would jump out and I was bored. The reason I’m disappointed in the horror is because I read a review of the game before playing it for the first time that said it was really scary. That reviewer must have been paid well. LOL. Bastard. It’s like playing a cheap horror movie. Haha. Speaking of cheap horror movie, I hate some of the characters. It’s possible to keep all of the characters alive, but when I was playing I wanted  some of the characters to die. In my first run, the one character I hated the most ended up surviving and killing someone I liked. All because of my choices made through the game. 

Another disappointing aspect of the game is how short it is. A full playthrough only takes 9 hours. I didn’t know when I first played that this game requires multiple playthroughs to get the full story. I realize now that with the shorter playthrough, the multiple plays and cumulative hours played would make it longer. As of today, I only played it once and I only got a small portion of the story solved so I can’t spoil that part for you. 🙂 Now that I know it’s more interactive drama and less horror, a second run will be more enjoyable. I honestly thought this game would be solved in one run, and perhaps it could with the aid of a walk through, but then what fun would that be?

Things I like about this game:

  • Graphics
  • 3 mysteries to solve
  • I really liked how the right stick controlled the face and flashlight position.

Things I don’t like :

  • Plays like an interactive movie
  • Jump scares aren’t scary
  • Short playthrough
  • Not all characters are likeable, which was probably their intent.
  • It’s not worth $75. If you can, buy it when it’s 50% off or more.

All in all I would say this game has potential when all the mysteries are solved. I understand game production is expensive, but I can’t justify paying full price for this game.

My rating? 6/10 

Should you play this? I say yes, if you’re okay with an interactive movie-style mystery game. Don’t ruin it by watching videos of it first or reading any more reviews.


Bitchin’ Gamer Girl

I’ve joined the masses…

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 8.01.11 PM
I  have everything but the Sony PS4 camera in the middle.

Well, it’s official! I’ve joined the masses and bought myself a PS4. In October, 2015 Playstation dropped their prices on their systems. Not by a lot, but it was better than the $500 price tag. Most of the systems now cost $430 in Canada. I had been saving up for one, hoping for a really cool bundle. The bundles as of November, 2015 weren’t that great. The only one I was really interested in was The Last of Us bundle. For the next two months I kept my eye on Best Buy’s website. Do I buy it, or do I wait for a better deal?? Then the closer we got to Black Friday (Nov 27th) the more systems sold out until all the ones I wanted or potentially wanted were no longer available in store or online. Noooooooo!!!! I did my research and found EB Games (Canadian version of Gamestop) had TLOU bundles for sale so I bought it there.

Now it’s one day after Black Friday, and I decided I’d take advantage of Black Friday sales and buy a 2 terabyte hard drive to upgrade my PS4. I went to a recommended electronics site called Newegg recommended by my brother who’s an avid computer nerd. I found this Samsung Spinpoint 2Tb internal hard drive  which is currently on sale for $124 CA plus there’s an additional $10 off with their code for a limited time. And by limited time it means until they run out of inventory. Because it qualifies for free shipping, the total cost after taxes is $120. I’d say that’s the best deal I’ve seen all day for this size hard drive which is compatible with PS4 systems.

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 8.15.17 PM
Samsung Spinpoint M9T ST200LM003 2TB RPM 32MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 2.5″ Internal Notebook Hard drive

Now all I have to do is backup the data and games I installed as soon as I got my PS4. I wish I had the foresight to wait 🙂 haha I’m a little impatient, and I didn’t think I’d be getting a bigger hard drive so soon.

I can’t wait until I upgrade my internet bandwidth. I feel like I’m living in the dark ages with a monthly cap at 75GB. I’m hoping to increase it to 400GB by January. I barely go over at 75GB, but I want more just in case. I also can’t wait until the new announced E3 games are released!!

I foresee lots of gaming in my future.


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I’m excited about Horizon: Zero Dawn coming out on PS4!

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 5.52.48 PM

If you’re a serious gamer, you’ve been following the E3 line up for this coming year. And Horizon: Zero Dawn is on my to-play list when I buy a PS4. This game looks not only amazing, but I looooove the fact that the main character is female, and her name is Aloy (like metal alloy). There’s something really hardcore about a woman who’s badass, and this girl looks BAD ASS! A nice open world game, lots of lovely scenery, robotic animals and dinosaurs, and I bet the story is great, too.

The developer talks a bit about the setting, saying that the game will be a seamless open-world and players will get to explore the wilderness, as well as an ancient city. It is also mentioned that Aloy’s bow was created from a combination of machine parts and natural elements, and Aloy herself is “the master craftswoman.”

If you haven’t checked out the trailer for the game, and here’s an excerpt about what the developers said about the game setting:

First, the story is what they consider to be post-post apocalypse. It is at least 1,000 years after the apocalypse, when some massive event had wiped out nearly all of humanity. Humans exist in this world today in a primitive state, utilizing remnants of the last great civilizations as weapons.

Playstation Lifestyle has a little article with details on the weapons used in the game, as well as a video showing them to you. Tell me you’re not excited about this game!?? I just cannot wait!!!!

Are you looking forward to this game?? Let me know in the comments!


Bitchin’ Gamer Girl

Styx: Master of Shadows – Free to play on Playstation Plus for July!

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 5.07.13 PM

I am definitely behind the times in the gaming world. I see that PS4 has four, FOUR free games this month if you have a Playstation Plus account. And I do not. The other thing I don’t have??? A PLAYSTATION 4!!! Yup, you heard me right. December 2014 I bought a PS3 because it was more in my price range (and I didn’t have $520 to shell out for a PS4 – In Quebec there’s 15% taxes on everything non-food, so it’s like $67 taxes. So gross). But I got this big paycheck for stuff I was selling last year and it’s enough to buy a new PS4, but I’m going to wait until the 1 terabyte playstations come out.

Well this makes me both sad and excited this game. It’s this fantasy-based third person stealth game. Totally along the lines of awesome games like Alien: Isolation and The Last of Us. This makes me want to run out and buy a PS4 just so I can play this game. 🙂 But then I’d have to spend $10 to sign up for a PS plus account too, so not technically free…..

Sigh… well it’s on my list of PS4 games I want to play.

Have you played this game yet? If so, did you love it? 🙂


Bitchin’ Gamer Girl

Fez – The video game

This is a cute little indie game by Polytron Corporation. It’s a download-only game available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac OS. So anyone can play this game!

To sum up the story, there’s this adorable little guy, all white and cute like a walking marshmallow, named Gomez. He’s told by an elder that the universe is fragmenting, and only Gomez can save their world. He’s given a red fez hat, and with this hat, his formerly 2 dimensional world is suddenly revealed to be one of four sides in a 3 dimensional world. In order to save his world, he must go through it and collect gold (or are they yellow) cubes and fragments of cubes to restore the universe. Throughout his world there are codes, glyphs, treasure chests, maps, secret rooms, and even coded alphabets to cypher and discover. There are no enemies, bosses, or punishments for failures. If you fall off a ledge, Gomez simply spawns right back on the ledge which is a nice change of pace.

When I first tried this game, it was the demo. I really like its simplicity, the pixelated art-style, the colour palette, and the gameplay. I didn’t hesitate to buy the game, and I think I only paid $10 or $14. This game is so fun. You can just stop and smell the flowers going about collecting cubes. The only time it gets complicated is when you want to progress and complete this game to 100% completion. At some point Gomez (and you, the player) will have to solve all the codes and glyphs. Personally, I think it’s worth completing the main game and redoing the game in New Game plus. When Gomez reappears, he gets cool black sunglasses that allow him to read 3D, and he can fly. The flying is the best part!! There’s one level that’s all black. I believe it has two or three doors leading to different areas. Anyway, the steps Gomez must take are in sync with the level’s music, which I might add is quite fab. I won’t say more to spoil it for you.

The last time I played this, I was already halfway through new game plus, making quite some progress. I was more than 70% done the game. I was climbing down this vine and thought it’d be a good idea to check my map at the same time. The game froze, but not just that, so did my console. I had to restart the entire Playstation. When I rebooted the game I lost my save file and all that progress!!! So if you’re a Playstation Plus user, I highly recommend you upload your saves to the cloud because you might end up where I am. I’ve read online that this can happen… losing a save file. Better be safe than sorry. I was so upset! I restarted the game but only managed maybe halfway through the main game. I’ll get back to it someday to finish it again. 🙂

Here’s a peek at the map for Fez:

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 5.54.00 PM

Don’t let this intimidate you!! 🙂 It’s really not as bad as you think…. But at least now you know Fez isn’t just a tiny game that’ll take you 6 hours to complete.

I really love this game. So let’s see….

What do I love about this game?

  • Everything!!!! The characters, colours, originality, even the in-game music.

What do I dislike about this game?

  • It was too easy to corrupt my save file. I feel like there wasn’t enough quality assurance functionality testing on this.
  • It’s not apparent what the Fez-world alphabet is, and I had to go to the internet to find someone who had the answer. This  means that some of the puzzles can be really tough.

Overall, I really love this game, and I highly recommend you give it a try. If you do buy it, let Gomez just stand there for a moment, and watch how cute he becomes when he gets bored and curls up on the spot to take a quick nap.

I give this game a 5 out 5 star rating!