Rubber-suited Androids!!!!

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 8.45.41 AM

Playing a little Alien Alien: Isolation​ this morning and I’m currently in the Find Apollo’s Human Consultation Control Room checkpoint. The core is crawling with these protected Androids in orange rubber suits, and they give me the creeps! They’re so difficult to kill and if they spot you, they will kill you in the more horrible way. I know further on in the game I get equipped with a bolt gun, but I remember during my last playthrough how scared I was and when I tried to aim at their face, I’d miss!! HAHA. Here I am running around the core trying to activate everything through all the little mini-games and add 4-5 of these awful androids coming at you, slowly, but surely.

Well, I guess I should get back to it. 😉 Wish me luck!!



Styx: Master of Shadows – Free to play on Playstation Plus for July!

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I am definitely behind the times in the gaming world. I see that PS4 has four, FOUR free games this month if you have a Playstation Plus account. And I do not. The other thing I don’t have??? A PLAYSTATION 4!!! Yup, you heard me right. December 2014 I bought a PS3 because it was more in my price range (and I didn’t have $520 to shell out for a PS4 – In Quebec there’s 15% taxes on everything non-food, so it’s like $67 taxes. So gross). But I got this big paycheck for stuff I was selling last year and it’s enough to buy a new PS4, but I’m going to wait until the 1 terabyte playstations come out.

Well this makes me both sad and excited this game. It’s this fantasy-based third person stealth game. Totally along the lines of awesome games like Alien: Isolation and The Last of Us. This makes me want to run out and buy a PS4 just so I can play this game. 🙂 But then I’d have to spend $10 to sign up for a PS plus account too, so not technically free…..

Sigh… well it’s on my list of PS4 games I want to play.

Have you played this game yet? If so, did you love it? 🙂


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