Rebel Galaxy – A free PS4 PS Plus game for August.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 10.24.48 AM.png

Have you tried Rebel Galaxy yet?? ¬†I recently got it as a Playstation Plus free game for the month of August, and thought I’d give it a try. I’ve only been playing for a few minutes, but already I’m liking it.

I’ve always been a Firefly fan, and when starting this game, the soundtrack starts and guess what? It sounds just like the kind of music you’d hear during your favourite episode of Firefly! I stopped at the local bar (near where my ship spawned) and got my first mission to get whiskey in exchange for some parts for my ship. While I was docked, I also took the opportunity to rename my ship to “Firefly.” I couldn’t resist. ūüôā

While playing Rebel Galaxy, you can choose to be anything you want. I’m not sure what role I’m going to take on, but for now it’s the good guy. Get a good name for me around the galaxy and see where it takes me.

In case you don’t know this, Rebel Galaxy is currently FREE in the PS Plus games. It’s a single player game with loads of possibilities. If you haven’t tried it yet, I recommend. If you want to know more about this game, check out YouTube’s¬†Elemental Storm on his take on the 5 reasons why you should be playing this game:


Let me know what you think if you get around to playing this! ūüôā


I’ve joined the masses…

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 8.01.11 PM
I  have everything but the Sony PS4 camera in the middle.

Well, it’s official! I’ve joined the masses and bought myself a PS4. In October, 2015 Playstation dropped their prices on their systems. Not by a lot, but it was better than the $500 price tag. Most of the systems now cost $430 in Canada. I had been saving up for one, hoping for a really cool bundle. The bundles as of November, 2015 weren’t that great. The only one I was really interested in was The Last of Us bundle. For the next two months I kept my eye on Best Buy’s website. Do I buy it, or do I wait for a better deal?? Then the closer we got to Black Friday (Nov 27th) the more systems sold out until all the ones I wanted or potentially wanted were no longer available in store or online. Noooooooo!!!! I did my research and found EB Games (Canadian version of Gamestop) had TLOU bundles for sale so I bought it there.

Now it’s one day after Black Friday, and¬†I decided I’d take advantage of Black Friday sales and buy a 2 terabyte hard drive to upgrade my PS4. I went to a recommended electronics site called Newegg recommended by my brother who’s an avid computer nerd. I found this Samsung Spinpoint 2Tb internal hard drive¬†¬†which is currently on sale for $124 CA plus there’s an additional $10 off with their code for a limited time. And by limited time it means until they run out of inventory. Because it qualifies for free shipping, the total cost after taxes is $120. I’d say that’s the best deal I’ve seen all day for this size hard drive which is compatible with PS4 systems.

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 8.15.17 PM
Samsung Spinpoint M9T ST200LM003 2TB RPM 32MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 2.5″ Internal Notebook Hard drive

Now all I have to do is backup the data and games I installed as soon as I got my PS4. I wish I had the foresight to wait ūüôā haha I’m a little impatient, and I didn’t think I’d be getting a bigger hard drive so soon.

I can’t wait until I upgrade my internet bandwidth. I feel like I’m living in the dark ages with a monthly cap at 75GB. I’m hoping to increase it to 400GB by January. I barely go over at 75GB, but I want more just in case. I also¬†can’t wait until the new announced E3 games are released!!

I foresee lots of gaming in my future.


Bitchin’ Gamer Girl

¬†Uncharted: Drakes’s Fortune

Hello! Sorry it’s been awhile since my last post. I’ve been on a gaming hiatus, and now I’m back. Today I want to talk about Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. A third person action-adventure game by Naughty Dog.¬†I played this game soon after I finished The Last of Us, and I didn’t really enjoy it one bit. Not Naughty Dog’s best work, but understandable they were learning what makes a good game.

This was a big of a slog of a game to get through once Drake and Sully make it to the island. I found it to be the same repetitive actions over and over. Walk/explore for a bit then shoot 5 – 8 guys. Then walk some more, and shoot more guys. It went on like this throughout the entire game. I don’t know about you, but this was super dull. I couldn’t really enjoy the story at this point. To make things worse, when Drake¬†and Elena are on a jet ski, I’m riding it up a riving and going in the wrong direction. The river is raging toward me, and I have to drive it upstream. Oh yah, and shooting bad guys. Then later on¬†there’s this whole section where the player (me) has to drive along this canal whilst avoiding barrels that explode,¬†and¬†shoot thugs located along the edges of the canal. This was too much to do and I’m not sure how Naughty Dog came to think this was a good idea.

The gameplay is alright. It’s an action-adventure gameplay with some 3D platforming in third-person. I didn’t allow the platforming elements, especially the grabbing and moving along edges. I found the camera to be very restrictive, and sometimes the player couldn’t even more the camera. I suppose the devs thought this was essential so the player would know the next area is in the camera area, but I personally hate that. A few times I couldn’t see where I needed to go, and had to die unnecessarily to figure it out, due to the camera not being moveable.

Now most of the time the player will be using their weapons when facing enemies, but the game does allow for melee and combo attacks at close range. I never personally used them. I’ve always and will continue to be a stealth player. I prefer sniping or sneaking up and choking someone out rather than punching them. Evidently¬†combo attacks, especially¬†the specific “brutal combo”, forces enemies to drop twice the ammunition they would normally leave. Then there’s grenades that can be picked up in the game at certain points. There’s no health bar on screen, and the only indication Drake’s hurt is when the screen loses colour and red starts to permeate the edges. Hiding for a few moments will heal his health.

Finally, I had the misfortune of playing this game with a Playstation controller that was glitchy, so sometimes Drake wouldn’t take cover, but instead jump up in the air thus giving his position away to any and all thugs in the vicinity. I got pretty angry a few times and remember yelling “Take cover, you asshole!!” when he’d jump. Hahaha I recommend your controllers work perfectly when playing this game.

I got annoyed by the grinding of running and then shooting, running then shooting, and put the game aside for a week or so. Turns out I was on the very last chapter right before the ending. If I had known, I would have pushed to finish it right away.

Things I loved about the game:

  • The graphics are nice.
  • I like how Naughty Dog attempts humour in their games.
  • References to Jak and Daxter characters.

Things I didn’t like about the game:

  • How the camera is fixed during the platforming elements.
  • Repetitiveness of ‘battles’ between Drake and the thugs.
  • Male version of Tomb Raider.

All in all this was a sub-average game. Not my cup of tea. Thankfully I hadn’t bought it, and I sold it as soon as I finished it.

My rating? 6¬†out of 10!¬†It’s good, not great. I had high standards from playing The Last of Us, so this game was a big of a disappointment. But still a decent game if you like this kind of stuff.


Bitchin’ Gamer Girl.

Remember Me – Neo-Paris in 2084

Let me begin by saying you should never let bad reviews dictate whether you should play a game or not. For months, this is exactly what I did. I had read on Metacritic that the combat was lame, and didn’t allow for much customization (I think), etc.. And so for the few months following the purchase of my Playstation 3, I avoided this game. Then one day I decided to check out the gameplay on YouTube, and a bit of the story, and I told myself fuck it. I’m just going to buy the game. I’d buy it used, and if it wasn’t great, I’d lose no more than $15. I searched in stores, but it wasn’t available anywhere. I found a copy on Amazon. When it arrived in the mail, I was very excited to play. And do you know what? It was worth the money. I really enjoyed the game!

Remember Me is a futuristic, sci-fi action adventure game set in the year 2084, in a futuristic version of Paris called Neo-Paris. Nearly the entire population has a Sensen implant in the back of their neck which allows them to share their memories online, as well as removing unpleasant ones. Unfortunately, the Memorize corporation can control the population and survey them. As a result, a group of rebels formed under the name “Errorists,” and their mission is to bring down Memorize. The Sensen invention also created Leapers who’ve mutated into a subhuman form, living in the sewers, who are sadly memory-addicted, which has degraded their bodies to who they are now.

Nilin, the protagonist, is such an Errorist. She was imprisoned in the Bastille Fortress, and most of her memories were wiped by Memorize. A mysterious man named Edge helps her to escape. This is where the game begins. At first you’re not too sure where she is, or why she’s the way she is.

Remember Me introduces the mechanic of¬†‘memory remixing’: entering and rearranging a target’s memories to manipulate them. This part is fairly neat. The player can interact with certain objects, or Remembranes, in the memory, and then when it replays the target will react different based on what was changed in the memory. There is a certain way to get the objective, but it’s sometimes through trial and error.

In terms of combat, the game allows players to create and customize their own move combos in the Combo Lab, which uses fighting moves called Pressens that players can reorganize by creating chains, earned through gaining PMP (Procedural Mastering Power), with a limit of four combos being active at any one time. Evidently there are at least 50,000 possible Pressen combinations, so combat can be more fun. During gameplay certain there are special moves, S-Pressens, which are made available to the player through the course of the game: the moves enabling them to do things like stun groups of enemies, move at high speed and land more hits, or turn hostile robots into allies which then self-destruct. The Pressen combos can be modified to produce extraordinary moves, and help reset S-Pressens so they can be used over and over again. Just like anything, everything is earned as the game progresses. The player can build their combos, and as more unlock, combos can be re-made to be better.

During my playthrough, I made combos that regenerated a lot of health and high cooldowns so I wouldn’t have to wait for the countdown to reset my S-Pressen which can be nearly 3 minutes. And 3 minutes of just hand to hand combat with the Leapers can suck balls. By the time I was close to the end, my combos were so long that I could maintain a bit of health and reduce my cooldown by half. But the button combination was crazy!! And if you’re in the middle of doing a combo move, especially a long one, and a Leaper hits you, you have to start that combo from the beginning! So there’s a lot of evading happening, and trying to continuously hit one Leaper to complete said move. I thought that was both neat and frustrating.

This game was a win for me. Not only does it take place in a future, but the story is good, the fighting is challenging, and I thoroughly enjoyed a female as the protagonist.

Things that I liked about this game:

  • Memory remixing – A very neat part of the game
  • The story – I love all sci-fi / futuristic ideas. Th
  • Create your own combos! Yeah!
  • New Game Plus: You get to keep everything, except the S-Pressens which are unlocked during certain chapters. And PMP is gained in NG+ by destroying Scaramechs (a white pest).
  • It’s definitely got some replayability, especially for all the trophies.

Things I disliked about the game:

  • The boss battle in the end was weak and too easy compared to the rest of the fights.
  • Scarameches can be¬†difficult to find. Destroying them all gives you the “Pest Control” trophy, though.
  • Camera and climbing is a bit like Uncharted or Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, but I got over it pretty quick. It’s their style for this game.

If you’ve never heard of the game, check out this video for some gameplay:

Overall I really enjoyed this game, I do intend on playing it again in new game plus with all my upgrades. ūüôā ¬†If you’re into futuristic stuff, you’ll really like this game.

My star rating? 7 out of 10 stars!

I hope you enjoy the game! Cheers!

Bitchin’ Gamer Girl

Bioshock 2 – A game I traded as soon as I finished it.

Here’s a game that I can safely say I really didn’t like one bit. I don’t like anything about the Bioshock series. So I apologize if this turns out to be a short post.

I have never played the first Bioshock game. In fact, my first taste was when I tried Bioshock Infinite. I borrowed it from a co-worker, played about 20 minutes or so and quit the game and promptly gave it back to him a few days later. I didn’t like that it took place in the 50s and 60s. I have nothing against those¬†time periods; I love the music, but I didn’t like it as a setting for the game.

I can’t give this a proper review. I really dislike this series, and I’m not a huge fan of shooters either.¬†I had bought it solely from a suggestion of another picky gamer, and from the cover alone I thought it’d be better than Infinite, but it was the same, just different characters and slightly later in the 1900s.¬†I did slog through the game as fast as I could. At one point I didn’t care anymore about saving the Little Sisters. I just killed them for ADAM so I could finish the game.

The ending was the worst part for me. The “boss” fight was just tedious as I was constantly running out of ammo and had to run around and collect money so I could buy more.

Things I liked about the game:

  • …… um. Nothing other than the cover of the game looks cool.

Things I disliked about the game:

  • Everything

My star rating? 1 out of 5.

It’s great if you loved the game or the series, it just wasn’t for me.


Bitchin’ Gamer Girl

Beyond: Two Souls – A Review

¬†A lot of hard core gamers might not call this a video game, but I do, and I loved it! It’s an interactive drama action-adventure game. According to the internet, it was premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival making it the second time a film festival recognized a video game. That’s a pretty neat factoid.

I came across this game two ways. One was from a search online of games similar to The Last of Us and this title appeared. I found it on the Playstation online site, and there was a playable demo so i downloaded it. The demo wasn’t very long, maybe 20-30 mins, but it was enough to really wow me. I ran out and bought the disc. As soon as I got home I played it. I love this game.

It’s¬†a story about a young girl named Jodie (Ellen Page) who’s had¬†a psychic connection with an incorporeal ‘spirit’ she calls Aiden since birth. An entity through whom she can communicate with and perform¬†telepathic acts, such as possessing people’s the minds of people and manipulating certain objects. She’s placed in¬†the fictional United States Department of Paranormal Activity by her foster parents, permanently leaving her under the custody of doctors Nathan Dawkins (Willem Dafoe) and Cole Freeman (Kadeem Hardison).

The story is a touching one, and one full of drama and emotion, fear and anger. We follow Jodie through 15 years of her life. Jodie who is linked with Aiden, and Aiden who won’t let her have a life. Nathan who’s building a condenser to connect to the world of the dead, and it’s all so very twisted. She helps Nathan to shut down the condenser when it breaks open and entities escape in the living world. But this gets the attention of the CIA, and they forcibly recruit her, making her an agent. When she realizes the person in Somalia she was asked to killed was simply a peaceful President, she left the CIA disgusted, and of course a chase ensues.¬†The story is much more than just those two paragraphs, but it’s the jist of it.

Now this kind of game is not for everyone, but if you really love story-centric games, this one is definitely one to try. It’s one of the best interactive dramas I’ve ever played. The choices you make throughout the game determine how it’ll play out. I thought that was very cool. Without spoiling the ending, I’m really hoping that they were be many games to follow because they can’t just end it the way they did. There’s definitely talk that they’re thinking of more games to come. I hope they’re right.

Things I loved about this game:

  • The characters. Can’t go wrong with Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe. They’re just amazing.
  • Aiden. For an entity, he sure does do a lot.
  • The timeline, and how the game plays out.
  • It’s not just about choosing what Jodie will say. There’s a whole chapter of stealth where the player controls Jodie and Aiden the same way you would say in The Last of Us. The player makes her walk a lot in the game as well.

Things I disliked about this game:

  • The ending. It was like opening a can of worms, and then saying “Ok, the game’s over.” The ending is so huge.
  • The company, Quantic Dream, suggests you only play the game once, but I’m not going to listen to them.

I highly recommend this game. If you loved The Last of us, you’ll love Beyond: Two Souls. See this game like you’re playing out a novel, watching a child develop into a woman, and you’re making choices for her.

My star rating? 5 out of 5!!!

I hope you enjoy it! Cheers!

Bitchin’ Gamer Girl

The Last of Us – New Game Plus & glitch to unlock all difficulties

If you’ve played The Last of Us already, and you’re in love with this game as much as I am, you’ll love New Game Plus (NG+)!

Essentially NG+ is only accessible after played and beaten the game. The next time you load in, you can choose to start a new game, and you’ll get the option for New Game Plus. It’ll be available in the same difficulty as your first game. As you know, there’s a trophy for completing the game on NG+ as well, and for every difficulty. That’s a lot of trophies, and a lot of playthroughs.

You’re probably wondering what’s the point of NG+? Well, for starters, youyou don’t start the game with all your guns and gear, but you do get to keep all the different levels of Tools you might have found. The weapons are still found in the same places through gameplay, but they’ll remain upgraded from the previous game, so time time around you can NG+ to unlock the For Emergencies Only trophy.
Then there are skills upgrades. Seeing as how there aren’t enough Supplements in the game to fully level up Joel, you start where you left off as far as leveling up your skills. This is imperative to earning the Everything We’ve Been Through trophy.

Finally, enemies. One website says there’s no change to enemies, but I did find one change in my playthrough. When Joel reaches the Bus Depot, he’ll encounter Clickers, Runners, and two Bloaters. I got to this area and Ellie said her line “There’s so many of them!” I got into the side room, collected my supplies, killed the 3 Runners standing still, and Joel spouted the line “I think we got all of them. Endure and survive.” To my surprise, I didn’t have to kill anything, and we could grab the bomb upgrade manual on top of the truck, and then head on out. This was the only change in NG+ that I’ve encountered so far. I’m surprised there were no infected here, seeing as they were in every other section. This might be a bug, but I’m not complaining.

Well that’s it! I hope you give New Game Plus a chance on The Last Of Us. It’s good for all you trophy collectors out there.

UPDATE! I found a link online that gives you the opportunity to unlock ALL the trophies for every difficulty. This is better than playing the game on every difficulty. Since I didn’t purchase the Grounded difficulty, it’ll probably unlock all the other trophies. I’ll have to buy Grounded later on.

Here’s a video explaining the steps if you didn’t click the link above:

Cheers! Happy gaming.

Bitchin’ Gamer Girl

Tomb Raider – The video game

I had a lot of fun playing Tomb Raider. I really enjoyed the movies, and when I had bought my PS3 and saw that there was a new Tomb Raider game, I was all over that.

Tomb Raider is a reboot with the all-too-famous character Lara Croft. It’s presented in a third-person perspective. The story kicks off with Lara as an¬†ambitious archaeology graduate who convinces the Nishimura family to fund an¬†expedition in search of the kingdom of Yamatai, just off the coast of Japan. As you probably suspect, the ship hits some very turbulent weather and water, and is shipwrecked on the island, but the group is separated. Lara has to find her way to the rest of her group, and of course runs into some bad guys¬†that are , surprise surprise, part of a malevolent cult.

While playing this game, I really noticed how lovely the graphics were. The deer Lara could stalk, or the beautiful mountains when she was rock climbing to get to her destination. Throughout the game she’d find tools or weapons. Her standard set was a rock climbing pick/axe, and a bow and arrow, and whatever guns she might have salvaged around the island. The combat portion of the game was similar to that of Uncharted such as free use of the bow, or stealth attacks. I did like the fast travel elements. If Lara happened to be in a mountainous area, and near a campsite, she could travel to another campsite she previously visited in the blink of an eye. Ok, maybe a little slower than that, but it was certainly easier than getting there on foot.

There are also some RPG elements incorporated into the game. As you progress, you earn experience points from doing certain things or actions, completing challenges with hunting, combat or exploring and this allows you, the player, to upgrade said skills Lara will have in the options menu. Over time she becomes a better fighter etc..

There are side missions she can complete, tombs to raid, and even multiplayer mode (which I haven’t tried). ¬†Now that I think about it, I don’t even remember the side missions. I guess I’ll have to play it again. I plan on it, since I only got a 48% completion (mostly just trophies). There was a sort of urgency in the main game that had me running to the next objective because I forgot that the person who was in trouble wasn’t going to die if I didn’t rush right there. I played as if it were all in real time. HAHA I think my next time around, I’ll take it easier, and do a lot more exploring. Upon further research, there is no New Game Plus option where you keep your upgrades, and run through the story again. I could finish gathering all the collectibles and so forth, but honestly it’s more of a what’s the point of that¬†if there isn’t a main story to go along with it. To me a game is all about the story and not about getting all the trophies.

What I liked about the game:

  • The graphics – they were gorgeous
  • The story, and the setting. I’m a HUGE Japanese fan. I even travelled to Japan!
  • Lara is the protagonist. A woman who can kick ass and is beautiful? Yes.
  • This game has a lot of replayability. I definitely want to play it again someday.

What I disliked about the game:

  • It’s unrealistic for a woman (or any person) to be in a tank top in all sorts of cold, rainy weather and not die of exposure. It really bothered me when she was in the snowy areas of the mountains, and in a tank top.
  • I found a blocker in one tomb when I played. I had to jump on a suspended block and then jump toward a rock wall and use the pick to “grab” onto it. But when I got there I found that I couldn’t jump off the block as I had hoped (or how the game intended it), and could only hang off the ledge. I got frustrated so I left the tomb. It bugged me for a bit so I checked around and found a forum with other people experiencing the same issue. They suggested just restarting the checkpoint. What’s funny is that as a video game tester, I hadn’t thought of that. HAHA I don’t play my video games to break them. Other than this blocker, I really can’t find anything else disliked about this game.

My rating? 4 out of 5 stars.

I hope you enjoy it! Cheers!

Bitchin’ Gaming Girl

Journey – The most beautiful indie game I’ve ever played.

Journey is by far the most beautiful indie game that I’ve ever played. Journey is exactly what the title says. It’s a journey. Ok, this isn’t going to work. I will paint you a picture.

You pop in the disk, and the game does a little installing on your Playstation. You choose to Start a new Journey. When the title has loaded, you are this little character in a red robe sitting in a desert. The game quietly mentions to take your motion detecting controller and move it from side to side. When doing so, you see the game moves with you. So clean, so simple. Ahead of you you see a large sand dune with stones and a flag blowing in the wind. By now you’ve made your character move 360¬ļ and you see there’s nowhere else to go but there. When you get to the top,¬†there you are, this little character all dressed in red, in front of a foreboding mountain. Your task is simple. Explore on your way to the mountain. Soon you’re seeing that there are floating flags around and if you get near them, a little musical sound is heard and whoa! You have a little scarf. Soon you’re prompted that if you push a button on your controller, you can add a little oomph to your next jump. But you see that your scarf which was once highlighted with white is all red again. Time to collect more flags. The controls are simple as is the game. Journey’s story is told wordlessy though in-game and cinematics. Even the soundtrack is beautiful.

For your very first journey, I recommend disconnecting from the Playstation network and playing one game by yourself. I’m sure it’s fun to have someone with you, but when you’re alone you can really take in the beauty, and the struggles this character goes through to get to the mountain. This game also has a co-op option although I have yet to try it. It requires a network connection to the Playstation. You start the game and some anonymous person may (or will?) join your in your journey. There is no communication or competition except for the musical sounds the characters make. I’ve heard from friends that playing the online version of Journey is one to try.

I thought after a long while that I’d play Journey again. Since I already played it, all the levels were unlocked. I chose the one that I thought was next, and ended up on some pink sand. I started toward to the first building I could see and some flying carpet “animals” came out to accompany me / lead me to the next area. The dunes were so high I was glad they were there. When I got there I released more of these creatures. By the time I got to the third building I was joined by an online player! They weren’t with me for very long because I missed my highest jump, and by the time I got to the bottom of the hill, they were gone. But that was my first co-op experience with Journey. ūüėÄ

I don’t know too much about the musical score in Journey, but here is some information according to Wikipedia:

Unlike many games, where different songs have different themes for each character or area, Wintory chose to base all of the pieces on one theme which stood for the player and their journey, with cello solos especially representing the player. Wintory describes the music as “like a big cello concerto where you are the soloist and all the rest of the instruments represent the world around you”, though he describes it as not necessarily orchestral due to the inclusion of electronic aspects.[22][24] The cello begins the game as “immersed in a sea of electronic sound”, before first emerging on its own and then merging into a full orchestra, mirroring the player’s journey to the mountain.[25] While the game’s art style is based on several different cultures, Wintory tried to remove any overt cultural influences from the music to make it “as universal and culture-less as possible.”

If you haven’t played this game yet, I think you should. It’s got the highest metacritic rating that I’ve ever seen. The story will evoke some emotions and make you feel things you didn’t think would be possible.

Thinks I like about this game:

  • Visuals, graphics, musical soundtrack
  • Characters do not speak, but communicate by musical notes
  • A co-op journey where two characters can help each other.
  • You will want to replay this game over and over. It never gets old.

Things I dislike about this game:

  • When I wanted to play Journey a second time, I ¬†didn’t go far and saw that every section of the game was open, and walking into any one of the ‘rooms’ would immediately transport me to that section. What I really wanted was to play it like I did the first time, and I have to figure out how to do that without deleting my save file.

My rating? 10 out of 5 stars.


Bitchin’ Gamer Girl

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

I had this demo on my playstation downloaded for the longest time, and never tried it. Well today being a lazy Sunday, I thought what the hell, let’s play all my demos and see which ones are worth buying and which aren’t. Well as you can guess (from this post) that this is definitely a win!

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a single player, third-person view which overlooks the two brothers. It’s kind of an overhead view so you can see them both and their environment. When I started the demo, it told me that it was 20 minutes into the game. I quickly realized that each brother was controlled with their own controller thumbstick. The older brother was the left stick while the younger brother was the right stick. Having them walk in the same direction takes a bit of skill. Getting both brain hemispheres and thumbs to work together, I can see this game has a lot of potential.

The short story of this game is that the brothers are on a journey to find some sacred water to save their ill (or dying) father. They traverse through the land facing obstacles and puzzles. The puzzles need to be solved using both brothers. A nice challenge. I didn’t get very far into the story, but played just enough to know how the brothers interact with the world, how to work together to solved puzzles, and so on. I’m definitely putting this game on my to-buy list. I always like to play a quiet puzzle-platformer type of game, and this one seems perfect.

I can’t wait to play the whole game. ūüôā

My rating for this demo? 5 out of 5!


Bitchin’ Gamer Girl